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נורית קצירי – מנהלת
שלמה אזרזר – מנהל מכירות
שלי עמוס – מתאמת קבוצות

You are invited to a unique & interesting tour
Observing first hand kibbutz agriculture in the Jordan Valley.

avocado cows shed bananas

The tour's itinerary:

  1. Meeting the guide in the Museum study center, light refreshment, then watching a fascinating short film.
  2. Visiting a bananas plantation, an avocado grove and the cow sheds.
  • Length of tour – about an hour and a half.
  • Visiting other branches can be arranged by prior request.

Additional Services:

  1. Lunch in the kibbutz dining hall.
  2. A guided tour of the museum.
  3. A tour of the kibbutz - learning about its past and present.
  4. A swimming-pool (covered & heated in winter).

The Museum swimming pool playground

Need accommodation? -
We welcome you to El Mul Golan Country Lodging  on Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan. - 55 guest rooms in a lush beautifully maintained garden, adjacent to the pool and the museum. For more details and reservations: www.elmulgolan.co.il 

Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan - founded in 1937, is located to the south of the Jordan Valley - facing the Gilead Mountains and the Golan Heights, just 500m' from the border with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Shaar Hagolan is a thriving, still authentic kibbutz that makes its living by combining modern industry, a variety of advanced agricultural crops and tourism.

Do you know that the very beginning of agriculture was here?!
In the forties, while preparing an area next to the Yarmuk River for fish-ponds, many prehistoric artifacts were found. This led to archeological excavations which exposed a large Neolithic village -8000 years old, from the very beginning of the agricultural era. Even then prehistoric farmers settled on the banks of the Yarmuk, domesticated animals and cultivated various crops such as: wheat, beans, durra, humus, and lentils. They made primeval agricultural tools and pottery. The vessels they produced were used for keeping water and grains and for domestic use in the kitchen. Scores of ceremonial artifacts and fertility figurines that were found, as well as flint and stone tools prove that a unique and rich culture flourished here – known all over the world as the Yarmucian Culture.

Visit the museum site for more information: www.myc.org.il

Field and plantation crops:

Broilers - Poultry runs 5 monitored poultry runs of over 7400 square meters.
Cow sheds – 296 milking cows, 132 fattened calves, 217 young heifers.
Apiary – about 800 beehives.

Altogether the kibbutz has about 500 acres of agricultural land.



Our address:
Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan,
Jordan Valley 15145
Tel. - 04 6677544
Fax- 04 6677545

Our excellent location offers a convenient base and easy access for trips to Tiberias, the Upper Galilee, the Golan Heights, Nazareth and Christian Holy sites.



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